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Additional Environmental Safeguards

Additional Environmental Safeguards:  An Earth Friendly Factory

In addition to obtaining the International ISO Standard for environmental management,
we have taken further environmental safety measures to assure the local community
that its natural resources are being responsibly handled.


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Measures against global warming

We maintain a long term plan for reducing carbon dioxide emissions. We have, for example, switched from heavy oil to natural gas for power.

Power Center

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Measures against environmental pollution

We introduced a system for evaluating the effects of factory chemical emissions on the environment. With it, we can determine which chemicals are used, where they are used, and in what amounts. Our goal is reducing chemical emissions.

Aqua Control Center

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Resource Utilization January 2001: Near Zero Laandfill Waste.

In 2001 we achieved a near zero emission rate and we are working to lower that figure even further. Our Eco Center plays a major role in this project through its control and distribution of wastes. In an example of company recycling, sidewalk bricks and bollards are made from waste materials.

Eco Center

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