Company Information


The Lexus: From Kyushu to customers around the globe

We have brought together the manufacturing capabilities of all Kyushu, to deliver Lexus cars to customers worldwide.

Toyota Motor Kyushu was established in 1991 as the Toyota group’s first automobile manufacturing plant in Japan outside Aichi Prefecture, and we have continued to evolve since. We expanded our dedicated line for luxury Lexus cars in 2005, and opened the new Kanda plant for engine manufacturing. This was followed in 2008 by the new Kokura plant to manufacture components for hybrids, and in 2016 by the Technical Center, which strengthens design and development taking advantage of being close to production lines.

We continue to refine our expertise, building the highest quality into every Lexus, as evidenced by being rated as the best plant of its type in the world five times by a market survey firm.

The global automobile market is undergoing dramatic change, and international competition intensifying. Toyota Motor Kyushu will continue to fully utilize its proven strength in “integrated production of vehicles from backbone units” and “sticking to quality” to grow and develop together with the people of Kyushu, and to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

We look forward to your continued guidance and support.

Corporate Philosophy

  • Be a good corporate citizen, one upon whom society may rely. Meet environmental concerns by observing both the letter and the spirit of laws and regulations.
  • Put the customer first. Offer attractive products which provide pleasure and inspiration to people around the world.
  • Use innovative management techniques to insure mutually beneficial relations with business partners and to guarantee stable and prosperous growth on the global and local community levels.
  • Create a corporate culture which values its employees. Mutual trust and responsibility between labor and management motivates workers, enables them to achieve personal growth, and results in the enthusiasm and pride necessary to the creation of fine products.


In dynamically emerging as a Lexus manufacturer, we contribute to further elevating the brand value as a major player within Lexus International Company (LIC).

We continue to inspire customers throughout the world by harnessing our unique strengths as Toyota Motor Kyushu and translating our expert manufacturing to the Lexus brand value