About Our Business

Miyata Plant

01. Stamping

Doors and fenders are fabricated using a state-of-the-art pressing machine.

Quality inspection after pressing.

02. Body Weld

About 1,000 robots handle welding, creating the rigid, high-precision bodies that give the Lexus its comfortable, quiet ride.

Body inspection under bright lights.

03. Paint

Experienced team members and advanced robots which perfectly copy their actions produce a beautiful , mirror-like finish inside and out.

The paint job is checked thoroughly on each and every car.


04. Assembly

Team members can make full use of all their senses in our safe, clean, quiet workplace, assembling some 6,500 individual parts for each car.

Plant machinery helps move heavy items.

05. Inspection

Every car must pass an inspection checklist covering about 1,800 items such as exterior, function, and door gaps before being driven on a trial run to check ride and noise.

Experienced inspection members strive for perfection.

06. Completed Vehicle

New Lexus cars deliver excitement and satisfaction to customers around the world.

The birth of the Lexus.