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Toyota Motor Kyushu Health Statement

Toyota Motor Kyushu believes that fine cars are built by people who enjoy their work and take pride in it. Because of this, we have always insisted on a workplace in which our employees can take pleasure in the creation of superior products and in which they can work together in an atmosphere of mutual respect.
High-quality cars come from a challenging workplace where employees are happy and satisfied with their work.
Staying healthy is a desire for each individual and their families, and is the base of everyone’s happiness.
Toyota Motor Kyushu declares to actively support their employees to maintain and enhance their health, construct a working environment where employees can always keep a smile on their faces, and deepens a corporate philosophy that “Create a corporate culture which values its employees”.

President Osamu Nagata

A Clean and Safe Workplace

Both the interior and exterior of our facility are color co-ordinated to give it a fresh, clean feel. In addition, as part of our commitment to a safe, pleasant working environment, all buildings are air-conditioned and provided with noise

A People Oriented Workplace

To protect our employees, tasks requiring heavy lifting, assembly, or stressful postures, have been automated and are performed by robots or other machines.
New systems have also been installed to help employees interact with machinery more easily and effectively. As a result, female and older workers can perform their jobs in safety and comfort.

Self-actualization through mental and physical health

Education for new employees has a broad focus, from the basics to specialized instruction in new techniques.
Our Training Center nurtures group co-operation and instills a respect for

Training Center