CSR, SDGs & Environment

Relationships with The Community

Since its inception, TOYOTA MOTOR KYUSHU,INC. has been involved in various social action programs based on our Corporate Philosophy: “Be a good corporate citizen, one upon whom society may rely. Meet environmental concerns by observing both the letter and the spirit of laws and regulations.”


Both as a company and as individuals, we aim to win the trust of the local community and promote social action programs for the realization of a prosperous society and its continuous development.

Implementation System

We have formed the “Social Action Promotion Group,” a unit charged with the full-time promotion of social action programs. It acts as the head office over these programs, providing support for employee volunteer activities, as well as collaborating with local residents on various activities.

Support for Volunteer Activities

Distribution of Volunteer Information

The head office regularly distributes the information it collects on volunteering in the local community and provides support for activities initiated by employees in their role as individual citizens.

Social Action Programs
in the Local Community

In April 2010, we entered into an agreement with the cities of Miyawaka and Munakata regarding our cooperation and collaboration toward revitalizing and contributing to the local community. We have taken part in various activities alongside the residents of these cities in an effort to strengthen our ties.

Becoming a ‘Good Partner’ trusted by the local community,developing together and enhancing each other


As a member of the local community, our company actively promotes activities in areas such as education, welfare, environment, and local production for local consumption.

Human Resources Development

We run a “Manufacturing Class” for elementary school students from the local area near the company. Employees serve as volunteer instructors and convey the joy of science and the importance of manufacturing by teaching original programs. In addition, we offer the “Global Human Resource Development Program” for junior and senior high school students in Miyawaka City, providing opportunities for international exchange to the children who will lead the future.

Traffic Safety

We hold traffic safety classes especially for 5-year-olds, who attend nearby nursery schools and kindergartens, in order to teach the correct rules of the road.
The program takes the form of a delivery to each school, teaching the children in a fun way how to cross a pedestrian crossing and how to safely navigate past cars from a place with poor visibility. Also, to help prevent traffic accidents involving elderly drivers in the community, we also hold classes to promote understanding of the reality of traffic accidents and the changes in physical functions that accompany aging, while providing hands-on experience with the latest safety technology in an actual car.


In accordance with the Regional Partnership Agreement, we participate as volunteers in environmental beautification activities in the region surrounding the company, with a focus on events held in Miyawaka and Munakata.
We have also concluded the “Satsuki Matsubara Adoption Program*” in a national forest, not only to raise environmental awareness through cleanup activities, but also to revitalize communication among employees and local residents. Moreover, in order to realize a sustainable society as outlined in the SDGs, we are working on a donation program whereby employees bring in food, clothing, stationery, toys, and books to support local children and those in need via children's cafeterias and other support groups.

*The Adoption Program is one part of a general plan being promoted by Munakata city, which has citizens and local governments adopt fixed sections of public space where they work on environmental beautification activities throughout the year.

Each and every employee of TOYOTA MOTOR KYUSHU is engaged in various activities alongside local residents that benefit society by utilizing the technologies and expertise cultivated through manufacturing.